How do I use the Montage Media Player?

This article applies to: Montage Linux box, Montage Lite, Montage Windows Receiver

From version 2.2.0 Montage now includes a Media Player.  Media can be shared to the meeting in a number of ways.

From the Windows application/Web client

Use the 'share file' button on the toolbar of either the Web Client or Windows Application.

Using the file sharing window that appears, you can either share a URL or use the folder icon to share media directly from the device.

Once you have shared your media to Montage, you can view it on the main display by clicking on the media in the list.

This will launch the Media Player on the main Montage display

You can use the back button on the Montage display to return to the Montage view.


Directly from the Montage display

The Media Player can also be accessed directly from the Montage display by tapping the Media Player icon.

This will expand the Media Player menu, which will allow you to open a recently shared file or URL, locate a file from local storage, or using a keyboard you can enter a URL directly into the text box.

You can use the back arrow to return to the main display at any time.

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