Connecting a MacOS device.

This article applies to: Montage Linux box, Montage Lite, Montage Windows Receiver

MacOS devices can connect in two ways;

1. Using the Chrome Web Client

If using Windows®, Mac®, Linux® or Chromebook® attendees can connect using the Montage Web Client in Google Chrome®.


Chrome® can be downloaded from


On your first visit, you will be prompted to install the Montage Chrome Extension.  Click 'Get our extension' to install.

Enter Attendee’s Name, Meeting ID and optional pin for additional security.  Click ‘Join Now’ when ready to connect. 


Next, a prompt will appear asking what the attendee wishes to share – either the entire desktop or a specific window. Once an option is selected, click ‘Share’ to be connected to the Montage meeting.


When connected using the web client, attendees must keep the Chrome browser window open in order to stay connected to the meeting.

2. Using AirPlay

MacOS devices can also join using AirPlay.

To mirror the screen using AirPlay, make sure the MacOS device is connected to the same network as Montage or is connected to the Montage Access Point. 

When connected to a valid network with AirPlay, the AirPlay icon will be shown in the top right of the MacOS Menu Bar, click this to see a list of available AirPlay receivers on the local network. 

‘Montage’ will be in this list (or the name of the Montage network, if it has been renamed).


At this point AirPlay will prompt for a password (this will be the Meeting ID), enter this and the Mac screen will be mirrored to the display.



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