Montage Linux Box 1.0.16-372 (Release: 14/09/2016)


  • Wireless Access allowing connection to Wi-Fi networks
  • Video and Audio optimisations reducing bandwidth usage
  • Improved icons
  • Support added for iOS 10, including AirPlay video
  • When first using Active Display, menus open exapnded and fade after a few seconds
  • Hardware accelerated graphics support
  • Simplified on-screen joining instructions 
  • Button to capture main display and send to connected participants
  • Enable/disable audio from main display
  • Touchscreen calibration option in settings
  • Configure IP and netmask for WiFi access point in settings
  • Wi-Fi Access Point channel selection now uses combo box to select (removes need for keyboard)
  • Improvements in 'change background' setting options
  • Active Display on-screen menu interaction improved - now opens with a tap

Windows Client

  • Update notification within app for future updates
  • Windows client remembers last used username
  • Hardware accelerated graphics support
  • Local connection to Montage units on the same network now possible without an Internet connection
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


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